Picnic Planning

Today is International Picnic Day, and there’s really only one way to celebrate, and that’s to enjoy a meal al fresco.  Here are a few tips to make sure you’re ready with a properly packed picnic basket.

  • Plan ahead to make sure foods and beverages are kept at the appropriate temperatures and use insulated containers where necessary.
  • Keep it simple with casual food that require minimal utensils, and pack with light, resealable and stackable containers. Think fruit, sandwiches, pastries and other finger-friendly food.
  • Don’t forget about cleaning up with convenient pre-moistened towelettes or anti-bacterial gel, and also a trash bag for disposables.
  • Track down a sturdy box or canvas tote with handles if you don’t have a picnic basket for your mobile meal.
  • Consider how long you’ll be out, since foods can go bad. Just remember the two-hour rule…prepared food shouldn’t be left unrefrigerated for more than two hours (one if it’s hotter than 90°).

With just a bit of planning, a big blanket, and perhaps some wine (if you’re of legal imbibing age, of course), you’ll be ready for a lovely outdoor meal. Happy International Picnic Day!