Sriracha Popcorn
Sriracha Popcorn

What You Need

3 tablespoons Rooster Sauce
3 tablespoons Margarine
3/4 cups of popcorn seeds for kettle or air popping or 1 bag of no butter microwave popcorn

Adding Flavor & Spice
Prepare popcorn using your favorite method. Melt Rooster sauce and margarine over medium low heat and stir until combined. Drizzle SLOWLY in small portions over fully popped popcorn. The popcorn will shrink while pouring, so stir frequently to blend in melted sauce over the popcorn. Add sauce to your taste.

Cooking with Sriracha
This popular sauce is believed to have originated from Thailand, where it is often served with seafood dishes. The combination of chili pepper, vinegar, garlic, sugar, and salt add a flavorful spice to any dish. It can be used to add flavor to noodles and main dishes, or mixed into sauces.